AirSon Engineering Services MEP Ventilation


The ventilation system is crucial for a controlled indoor environment.

With a correctly designed system, you can provide a good working environment for the personnel, and in addition meet different requirements for cleanliness, temperature, humidity, etc that your process requires. Our designs always strive to keep the OPEX and environmental impact down without neglecting your process needs.

Ventilation duct

Ventilation distribution

A correct and efficient design of the building’s HVAC systems will help to significantly lower the OPEX costs. The ventilation efficiency and knowing when to utilize the differences between mixing and displacement ventilation, can do wonders for system performance and reduce operating costs. Air distribution is in AirSon’s DNA, and we have developed multiple solutions, patents, and inventions in our hyper modern air test laboratories.


With the right filtration and the right amount of air circulation, you can keep airborne particles down to the level that your process requires. We have extensive experience in designing ventilation solutions for ISO-classified cleanrooms. We can also help develop requirements specifications to produce optimized solutions in line with your process demands.

Air conditioning

Ventilation is not only important for supplying enough oxygen to the air we breathe indoors. The ventilation system can also be designed to efficiently cool or heat your facility. The right temperature and humidity are often important parameters for your production and to be able to carry out efficient work. For example, with high enough humidity, static electricity can be avoided. And vice versa: with limited humidity you can avoid unwanted condensation on cold products/surfaces. We are happy to guide you through the process of selecting indoor requirements for your facility.

Protective ventilation

Specific ventilation systems can be used to protect people and your processes from harmful contaminants. Their task is to eliminate harmful substances in the air that are inhaled or that can damage the produced product. When working in areas with harmful substances, for example in pharmaceutical manufacturing, it is of the utmost importance that the protective ventilation system is reliably and correctly designed. At AirSon we have a wealth of experience in designing and building protective ventilation systems for both people and products.

Energy efficiency & Sustainability

The local climate has a major impact on the choice of ventilation solution. When we design your ventilation systems, we not only adapt to your requirements for the indoor environment. We also optimize the systems for where in the world your facility is located. Without using unnecessary system solutions, which are not fit for the location, we can keep your energy consumption down to a minimum. We build the right system for the right place.

Heating & Cooling

We offer the full spectrum of solutions from HVAC applications, process cooling/heating, district heating, high temperature thermal energy etc. We tailor a solution suited to your needs depending on application, OPEX and CAPEX costs.


AirSon is your partner when it comes to the different subcategories within the electrical disciplines, i.e. power, communication, lighting, telecommunication and data.

Gas and steam generation

Some processes demand high temperatures and a steady supply of steam energy. AirSon designs and delivers steam boiler and distribution solutions for different fuels (electrical, gas, biomass etc.).

Compressed air

Compressed air is a utility used in most industries; however the requirements differ widely. AirSon helps design your system based on your requirements and specifications regarding particles, oil and water content.

Fire & Sprinkler

Fire & sprinkler design requires a lot of know-how and experience of everything from in-case-of-fire documentation, water buffering, flow rate and pressure to understanding the building in detail.

Automation: BMS & EMS

No matter how smart your system design is, you will never get the out most of the system if you do not incorporate an intelligent solution for control, measuring and monitoring. AirSon has many years’ experience of BMS and EMS system from multiple suppliers.


Various gases are used in various industries and requirements differ widely between different industry sectors. The goal is always to provide a safe, sufficient and uninterrupted supply of the specific gas, from the source to the points of delivery, at required pressures.

Water & Plumbing

We help you design plumbing solutions, from regular water and sewage to more process specific water treatment installations for process water, clean water, ultra clean water etc. We can also help you with the other side of the water processing in the wastewater treatment plant.

Airson TLA

TLA, Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow, is one of AirSon’s platform technologies. It uses a specific way of introducing the treated air, taking advantage of gravity and creating clean controlled zones where they are needed.

Airson Airshower

The Airshower is a unique series of patented supply air terminals. They are designed for vertical displacement, supplying a thermally controlled air flow.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.