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Energy distribution and balancing

Distributing energy and balancing internal opportunities can really help reduce your energy usage and lower your environmental footprint.

Thermal energy recycling

To be able to add and remove thermal energy is vital for both building installations and specific industry processes. Heating and cooling are essentially the same process, just applied in different directions. They are different applications of the same engineering toolbox.

In process industries, it’s very common with a simultaneous need for heating and cooling, either in different parts of the production process or within the HVAC installations. This opens up great opportunities for really high efficiencies by re-using energy to balance these needs.

We offer the full spectrum of solutions, from HVAC applications, process cooling and district heating to high temperature thermal energy etc. And we tailor our solutions to your needs, depending on application and to minimize OPEX costs.

HVAC installation

Meeting the process demands

We are used to working in close co-operation with process engineers and teams to design and implement solutions that can handle the process demands – making sure the temperature, flow, pressure, and redundancy strategy of the system solution is correctly designed.

Ventilation distribution

A correct and efficient design of the building’s HVAC systems will lower the OPEX costs. The ventilation efficiency and knowing when to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of mixing or displacement ventilation, can work wonders for the function of the system and reduce its operational costs.

Air distribution is in AirSon’s DNA and we have developed multiple solutions, patents and inventions in our air laboratories.


E.ON ectogrid

E.ON ectogrid™ is the decentralised energy system of the future: a scalable and energy-efficient solution that can produce all necessary heating and cooling in one system. Using unique technology built on harnessing the power of low temperatures, distributed heat pumps, intermittent renewable energy and storage, E.ON ectogrid™ is the solution that can help us reach zero emission levels – in a city block, surrounding area or even an entire city.

Energy optimization

Energy costs are often “hidden” among total costs. This is why energy-saving measures often require a lot of engineering time to develop. And why digitalization and monitoring of useful information is critical for long term efficiency and sustainability.

Local Energy Production

In our industry segments – Pharma & Medtech, Food & Beverage and Hi-tech – a steady supply of reliable energy is vital. This, together with the need for redundancy to secure up time and to meet often rapidly changing demands, calls for an intelligent and robust design of the energy supply system.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.