AirSon Engineering Services MEP Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

To add and remove thermal energy is a vital service for both a building’s installations and for specific industry processes. Heating and cooling are essentially the same process, just applied in different directions. They are different applications but belong to the same engineering toolbox.

We offer the full spectrum of solutions from HVAC applications, process cooling/heating, district heating, high temperature thermal energy etc. We tailor a solution suited to your needs depending on application, OPEX and CAPEX costs.

Heating and Cooling

We design solutions for all your temperature needs

We design and deliver solutions for all your needs, from big industrial glycol and ice-water systems to high temperature steam applications for industry processes. We have experience with a wide range of applications for either removing or adding thermal energy with different technologies and fuels.

Meeting the process demands

We are used to working in close co-operation with process engineers and teams to design and implement solutions that can handle the process demands, while making sure the temperature, flow, pressure, and redundancy strategy of the system solution is correctly designed.

Heat pumps & chiller applications

Heat pumps and chillers have a wide range of applications, from integrated solutions within the HVAC system for employee comfort, to big industrial glycol and ice-water systems for production processes. We have experience with working with all these applications and design system solutions that fit your needs.

Heat recovery and recycling

In many industrial processes, there are sources of “waste heat” that provide opportunities to recover and re-use the thermal energy in other processes. This is a good way of increasing the site’s overall efficiency and to lower OPEX costs.

There are many ways of recovering heat and each process needs its own solution. In air treatment, the recovery of supply and exhaust air is important. Heat recovery can be direct or regenerative if the temperatures allow for such an application. Sometimes the heat needs to be upgraded via e.g. a heat pump solution to increase the quality of the heat within the process. We are experts within this area and can help you identify, analyse and implement a solution suitable for you.


E.ON ectogrid

E.ON ectogrid™ is the decentralised energy system of the future: a scalable and energy-efficient solution that can produce all necessary heating and cooling in one system. Using unique technology built on harnessing the power of low temperatures, distributed heat pumps, intermittent renewable energy and storage, E.ON ectogrid™ is the solution that can help us reach zero emission levels – in a city block, surrounding area or even an entire city.


AirSon works with the full scope of HVAC solutions for industry and real estate. This includes ventilation, heating, cooling, refrigeration, dehumidifying, etc. Our history brings with it a focus on air dynamics, aerosols, air treatment etc., often in the form of custom applications for our platform technology TLA.


AirSon is your partner when it comes to the different subcategories within the electrical disciplines, i.e. power, communication, lighting, telecommunication and data.

Gas and steam generation

Some processes demand high temperatures and a steady supply of steam energy. AirSon designs and delivers steam boiler and distribution solutions for different fuels (electrical, gas, biomass etc.).

Compressed air

Compressed air is a utility used in most industries; however the requirements differ widely. AirSon helps design your system based on your requirements and specifications regarding particles, oil and water content.

Fire & Sprinkler

Fire & sprinkler design requires a lot of know-how and experience of everything from in-case-of-fire documentation, water buffering, flow rate and pressure to understanding the building in detail.

Automation: BMS & EMS

No matter how smart your system design is, you will never get the out most of the system if you do not incorporate an intelligent solution for control, measuring and monitoring. AirSon has many years’ experience of BMS and EMS system from multiple suppliers.


Various gases are used in various industries and requirements differ widely between different industry sectors. The goal is always to provide a safe, sufficient and uninterrupted supply of the specific gas, from the source to the points of delivery, at required pressures.

Water & Plumbing

We help you design plumbing solutions, from regular water and sewage to more process specific water treatment installations for process water, clean water, ultra clean water etc. We can also help you with the other side of the water processing in the wastewater treatment plant.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.