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Energy optimization

Energy costs are often “hidden” among total costs. This is why energy-saving measures often require a lot of engineering time to develop. And why digitalization and monitoring of useful information is critical for long term efficiency and sustainability. 

At AirSon, we combine our expertise in energy and MEP to implement digitalization and effective energy-efficiency programs. We prescribe a long-term systematic approach, which is especially suited for multi-site multinational corporations – enabling optimization, benchmarking, minimized energy costs, well-informed investment decisions and knowledge-driven management.

Energy optimization visualization

Digitalization – BMS & EMS

Even the most energy-efficient design ideas can be overturned by sub-optimal operations. Energy is, at its core, how a system functions over time and both the BMS and EMS are vital tools to achieve operational excellence.

The Building Management System (BMS) is a critical tool for controlling and monitoring your installations. We can guide you through the systems jungle and help you implement a control system that allows you to achieve energy-efficient, modern functionality.

The Energy Management System (EMS) is an over-arching software application for additional analysis, control and visualization of data gathered within the BMS, production system and other systems within the facility. The EMS distils data into reports and makes the information useful.

To measure is to know

There are many reasons for expanding metering and sensors within the systems. These measurement points act as eyes and ears. They enable analysis and visualization of energy flows and a thorough analysis of the facility. They also provide parameters to use when troubleshooting.

A smart metering strategy in the systems can help optimize and save a lot of energy and trouble. We help you deliver a metering strategy or map your existing meters within your systems. And we help you use your data points intelligently for knowledge-driven daily operations.

Taskforce – Energy optimization

A systematic and knowledge-based approach to energy, sustainability and follow-up demands of the organization. A team that creates continuity and Identifies, Analyses, Calculates, Presents, Decides, Executes... and Follows up

A holistic and systematic approach:

  • Minimizes energy and power consumption
  • Creates order & continuity
  • Enables well-informed management
  • Enables fact-based benchmarking
  • Enables knowledge-driven operations
  • And minimizes production risks

We, as energy engineers and project managers, are happy to help you minimize your costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

Local Energy Production

In our industry segments – Pharma & Medtech, Food & Beverage and Hi-tech – a steady supply of reliable energy is vital. This, together with the need for redundancy to secure up time and to meet often rapidly changing demands, calls for an intelligent and robust design of the energy supply system.

Distribution & Balancing

Distributing energy and balancing internal opportunities can really help reduce your energy usage and lower your environmental footprint.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.