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Injection moulding & Extrusion

Injection moulding and extrusion are high-volume manufacturing processes often used in the Hi-tech manufacturing industry. Injection moulding involves the production of products by injecting molten materials into a mould. The materials can be metals and glasses, but most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Injection moulding is used to produce a variety of products that are integrated or come in contact with advanced electronics or for packaging materials.

The extrusion process also includes melting and forming materials but instead of a mould the material is pushed through (extruded) a die of the desired cross-section. This can result in many different profiles or as a film, and be used in countless applications.

Since both these processes include melting and forming material the process is very energy intensive and the heat load generated in the extrusion/injection moulding process is massive. This is also the reason it makes great sense to focus on this process when it comes to energy saving potential. Removing heat (i.e. process cooling) is important for the efficiency rate of the cooling system, and the ability to recover this heat for other purposes can be very useful for lowering OPEX costs.

Compressed air can also play an important role within the process, for example in different parts of the assembly process etc. In blow moulding (film extrusion), it plays a vital part in the production process. We can guide you through the compressed air demands and design an efficient and reliable solution suited for your needs.

The ventilation efficiency and the way the air is supplied to the production hall is also very important, both for the operational costs and for the specific process needs. Depending on the product the demand can be for low particle levels, dew point control (to avoid condensation) or temperature control. AirSon’s long experience within both the injection and extruding industries and MEP services means we can help you design and build an efficient and reliable production facility meeting your process needs.


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Energy-efficient design

In a large production hall with many injection moulding machines, it’s imperative to have an understanding of the total heat load and convection flows. If there is a balance between treated fresh air and the convection air flow, it is relatively easy to create a work area around the machine with a comfortable temperature and low particle levels.

The main part of the electrical power used by the injection moulding machine is given off as heat. With a traditional mixing ventilation, this heat load must be balanced with an equally large amount of cooling. The energy needs for such systems, which are very common in the extrusion and moulding industry, have a major impact on the company’s bottom line. This is a typical challenge that we help our customers address.

The battery Industry

The world is becoming more and more dependent on batteries, no matter if we talk about the devices we carry in our pockets, the electrification of the transportation sector, energy storage or electrification in general. Lithium-ion batteries stand out (at the moment) as one of the most promising technologies in the sector, thanks to their energy density, cost competitiveness and cycle life.


In microelectronics manufacturing there is zero room for errors. This goes for the production process as well as the utility systems. Even the smallest particle destroys your silicon wafer or damages your photolithography process. Most of the time, state-of-the-art systems are required to meet the very stringent demands. AirSon knows what is needed to reach the outstanding product quality that you are aiming for.


If you are a manufacturer of advanced mirrors, lenses, microscopes or lasers, you probably know all about the extremely high demands on the controlled environment that is needed for outstanding product quality and minimum scrap rates. At AirSon we know exactly what is required in terms of cleanroom facilities and supporting systems.

R&D facilities

R&D facilities vary a lot in terms of design as well as in demands. It is crucial to have the best speaking partner when deciding on the level of cleanliness required for your specific process. AirSon can be the speaking partner you need.


The defence industry is broad and wide, but what most segments have in common are high and tight demands and tolerances when it comes to the facilities where the products are manufactured. This goes for weapons, laser products, precision alignment, etc. Let us know what you need, and we will supply you with a solution that matches.


Almost all automotive manufacturers have a plan to phase out the internal combustion engine (ICE). No matter which new technology is selected, there are higher demands on the indoor production climate than before. There is also a lot of other parts used in the industry that need to be produced in controlled environments. At AirSon we have a lot of experience in helping our customers establish a user requirement specification (URS), as well as carrying out the subsequent design work.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.