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AirSon’s way of working

At AirSon we do things a little differently, and we can support you as much and as little as you want throughout your entire project and during your plant’s operational phase.

We offer our services both as consultants and advisors as well as contractors and project managers. This means that we can support you from initial investigations and feasibility studies and all the way to full turn-key contracts. In other words: “Just as little or as much as you like”. Where others are rigid, we like to be flexible and tailor our way of working to fit your specific needs.

We can help you in all different phases of a project, from initial investigations and establishing of your requirement specification, through the different design phases, construction and installation at the site and through commissioning and validation.

We also help you do more with less by optimizing and streamlining your energy use and ensuring functionality once the plant is operational.

Every project is unique, and we value simplicity and a time-efficient approach. So, whether you need advice on MEP installations, cleanroom solutions or a more sustainable and efficient energy use, with AirSon you get access to a flexible and pragmatic engineering culture based on collaboration and teamwork. We move quickly and we make things happen. So let’s talk!

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Due to our specialization within our market segments, we are very familiar with the standards and regulatory frameworks for cleanroom installations, and we make sure that you comply with the rigid demands.

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From start to finish and everything in between

At AirSon, we can help you as much as you want from start to finish, throughout all phases of the project. AirSon Project Management also encompasses management, maintenance and further development of your MEP systems once the plant is operational. 

Requirements (URS)

In the initial phases of the project, we can help you with investigations and feasibility studies to support setting up and defining the requirements (URS) for your new project or facility. It can often prove a challenge to know and understand all the different requirements and regulations that need to be specified and followed to ensure the correct functionality for a specific industry or geographic location. At AirSon we have the experience and know-how to guide you in the very early phases of your project.


We design plants and their MEP installations. We take the holistic approach, understand your specific process needs and through intelligent design match supply and demand to end up with reliable and efficient systems. We have numerous references of designing everything from smaller controlled environment applications to entire industrial sites, and we can help you through all phases of conceptual design (CD), basis of design (BoD) and detailed design (DD).

By specializing within our industry segments and combining the sharpest engineers within our field with decades of experience, we are able to give the absolute best value to our clients


We can help you through the construction as turn-key contractors. We offer, design and lead the full project from initial investigations all the way through the construction and validation. This way we can ensure straightforward project implementation, while making sure that the reliable and efficient design isn’t compromised during the project’s implementation.

Within a complex project there is a lot of “silent” know-how that might be lost when going through the stages of investigation, design and construction, moving from one company to another. This is one of the reasons why we bring huge value to the market through our turn-key solutions.


Within the complex processes of our industry segments, validation is key. No matter if it is a production process, clean room installation, energy saving measure or a full-scale production facility, AirSon has many years of experience of validating and making sure installations meet industry standards and the need for functionality, maintenance and energy efficiency.


If your facility or production plant is already in operation, we can optimize and streamline your energy use and ensure functionality, to help you do more with less. One of our main focuses in all our work is energy efficiency and we can help you minimize costs and the environmental impact of your installations.

When building and designing complex facilities and systems, after the final inspection and validation is done, we like to stay in touch and make sure that the installation is working as well and as efficiently as possible, and according to design. We take the holistic approach to our projects to help you get a smooth and problem-free transition from the project phase to the operational phase.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.