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Local Energy production

In our industry segments – Pharma & Medtech, Food & Beverage and Hi-tech – a steady supply of reliable energy is vital. This, together with the need for redundancy to secure up time and to meet often rapidly changing demands, calls for an intelligent and robust design of the energy supply system.

We can help you secure dependable local energy production & transformation. From pre-study to turn-key implementation projects.

Solar roof producing energy

What is local energy production?

By local energy production we mean energy produced or transformed locally on site. Ranging from process cooling/heating plants, HVAC, steam and compressed air generation to solar or biofuel power plants.

Process cooling

Cooling systems and cooling production for industrial production plants. We develop a solution that suits your process needs, focusing on process demands, redundancy, response time and more.

Heating / Cooling

We offer the full spectrum of solutions, from HVAC applications, process cooling and district heating to high temperature thermal energy etc. We tailor a solution to your needs depending on application and minimize OPEX costs.


We design and deliver solution for all HVAC needs for real estate and industry.

Solar power

Harvest the free energy of the sun. We guide you through the process of installing solar power solutions.

Steam generation / Steam boiler plant

Some processes demand high temperatures and need a steady supply of steam energy. We design and deliver steam boiler and distribution solutions for different fuels (electrical, gas, bio etc.)

Compressed air generation

Particles, oil and water content are crucial factors and we can design and deliver a compressed air solution that fits your needs.

Electrical power and transformers

We design and deliver electrical installations for power, communication, lighting, telecommunication, data etc.

VPP – Virtual Power Plant

Get paid for being the good citizen. In the modern electrical balancing act, the consumer plays a bigger part in the stability of the electrical grid.

Energy cost optimization

We can help you optimize your energy costs through solutions that minimize your peak power consumption and streamline your fixed costs.

Global energy supply

We design and deliver solutions for global energy supply such as electrical, district heating, district cooling, cooling, gas etc.

E.ON ectogrid™

E.ON ectogrid™ is the decentralised energy system of the future: a scalable and energy-efficient solution that can produce all necessary heating and cooling in one system.

Energy as a service - Build, Own & Operate

Do you need energy and help carrying the investment? As part of E.ON, we can offer you our Build, Own & Operate (BOO) model which takes the CAPEX investment and service costs for your local energy plant out of the equation.

Energy optimization

Energy costs are often “hidden” among total costs. This is why energy-saving measures often require a lot of engineering time to develop. And why digitalization and monitoring of useful information is critical for long term efficiency and sustainability.

Distribution & Balancing

Distributing energy and balancing internal opportunities can really help reduce your energy usage and lower your environmental footprint.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.