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The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.

Our DNA and history

Research & Development is part of AirSon’s DNA and history. From developing our own unique platform technology, “Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow” (TLA), to being the steppingstone for multiple inventions within “Air technology” with applications for medical devices and surgical theatre ventilation.

Different applications – the same
engineering toolbox

Whether we shield an exposed part of a production line, an open wound in a surgical theatre or protect people from a hazardous chemical, the engineering challenges are the same – preventing aerosols, particles and other contaminants from reaching the protected area. By putting our experience, know-how and investigation skills to work, we help you meet your demands and ensure correct functionality.

“Reducing unwanted airborne matter is often necessary to exploit new markets. A cleverly designed cleanroom provides real competitive advantages, such as higher product quality, less waste and higher profit margins. “ - Dan Kristensson, CEO

Research & Development - Our history

In our Air Labs in Ängelholm we have developed our unique technology platform TLA, and developed a number of unique applications for the technology.

The spin-off company Airsonett provides a medical device for effective treatment of allergic asthma and eczema at home. The product is recommended by the Swedish associations Socialstyrelsen and Barnläkarföreningen and has been included in the Swedish Läkemedelsverkets’ guidelines for asthma treatment.

The spin-off company Avidicare provides theatres for infection sensitive surgery with a state-of-the-art (and currently the most commonly prescribed) ventilation solutions for ultra-clean conditions using less energy than standard laminar airflow systems.

In our labs we can examine the effectiveness of different air management principles, conduct temperature studies, carry out particle measurements and use smoke to illustrate air movement.

AirSon – Energy Lab

Our curiosity for new and exciting applications does not stop with Air technology. We also focus on energy efficiency, energy management and digitalization. This to help meet the demand – and fast track the design know-how - for the plants and energy systems of tomorrow. Sustainable intermittent power production, in combination with HVAC distribution, the intelligent balancing of energy flows and peak powers, local energy production and being able to act as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) are examples of the technologies involved. Together with our customers we want to be a part of addressing the energy and environmental challenges of our time!

Tailormade applications

We work with several large companies to develop and improve applications for controlled microclimate. We can help you with everything from large cleanroom solutions to small clean zones, controlled microclimate, incubators and LAF and fume hood installations. So, let’s talk!

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