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The Airshower is a unique series of patented supply air terminals. They are designed for vertical displacement, supplying a thermally controlled air flow. The devices provide a low degree of turbulence, extremely low impulse and exceptionally high ventilation efficiency. Among the benefits are low noise pollution, good air comfort and low energy consumption.

There are two types of diffusers: ceiling diffusers (AS) and wall diffusers (ASV). Ceiling diffusers are optimal for air flows up to 170 l/s (600m3/h). Wall diffusers are recommended for smaller air flows up to 70 l/s (250 m3/h).

The devices can be ordered in a range of colours.


  • Very high ventilation efficiency
  • Calm air flows and low noise levels
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Reduced risk of airborne contagion
  • Simple, stylish design

For more information and technical specifications, please download the product sheets on the right. You can also download other related documents, as well as plug-in for CAD.

Example applications

The technology has the unique ability to create distinct zones of treated air and can therefore help create clean zones. It is also a roof mounted displacement ventilation diffuser, making it suitable for premises with a need for high ventilation efficiency. AirSon’s supply air devices are also suitable for comfort cooling in offices, homes and public buildings.

We are very proud to have invented and developed the first cost-effective and non-pharmaceutical treatment of asthma (see Airsonett AB). We are also proud to have invented and developed a completely new method for managing airborne bacteria and virus contamination in hospitals (see Avidicare AB). Both applications use AirSon’s TLA-technology and the Airshower.

Produktblad för takmonterad Airshower (AS) (pdf)
Produktblad för stor takmonterad Airshower (AS-XL) (pdf)
Produktblad för väggmonterad Airshower (ASV) (pdf)
Certifikat ISO 9001:2015 (pdf)

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