AirSon Engineering News 2024 AirSon to join Battery Giga factory event in Barcelona Hi-Tech Manufacturing, MEP, Controlled Environment, AirSon | 3 January 2024

Battery Giga factory event in Barcelona


AirSon will join this great event in Barcelona and we are so pumped to dive into battery Giga factory discussions! 

With extensive experience in the battery Giga factory industry, we boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. Our specialization lies in cleanroom, dryroom, and MEP, focusing on intricate designs and solutions with tight tolerances. A key USP at AirSon is our holistic approach to energy efficiency in the next generation of Battery Giga Factories.

When it comes to minimizing the environmental footprint, envisioning the best design for the next Giga factory involves a strategic perspective. How do you perceive the ideal layout to achieve maximum environmental sustainability? Feel free to drop by for a discussion – we're eager to exchange insights! 🌱🔋