AirSon Engineering Services Controlled Environment Dryroom solutions

Dryroom solutions

In a dryroom, the controlled variable is humidity. Dry environments are crucial in industries such as lithium-Ion battery manufacturing, where the rooms often need to be maintained at a dewpoint
of -40°C or below.

Dryrooms are closely related to cleanrooms, but the focus is on the dehumidification units and the ventilation demands in the room. There are several cost-driving factors to consider, like:

  • Air tightness of building shell
  • Magnitude of controlled air volume
  • Ventilation efficiency
  • System efficiencies for dehumidification and cooling
  • Local climate
  • Etc

Our engineering solutions help you design according to your needs. And since we are not a product supplier, we are free to evaluate and design the best possible solution.

Where others are rigid, we are flexible.

AirSon offers its services as engineers and advisors as well as designers and turnkey contractors. That way, we can deliver the best solution for your specific project.

After the project is finished, we very much like to stay on as advisors, to help optimize both the functionality and the energy efficiency of the installations and to ensure operational excellence.

Energy-efficient design

High demands necessitate large air volumes, which lead to high energy demands. Our focus on energy efficiency helps you bring down the OPEX costs for your dryroom.

The energy demands in a controlled production environment depend on many factors. The most important (and often least discussed) is the actual needs of the process. Unnecessarily stringent demands lead to energy being wasted, while too soft requirements affect the function.

The controlled environment’s volume and envelope tightness are other important factors for the cost of operation. An isolator or a microclimate application may be an alternative way of securing the quality of the production process. We help you evaluate your production line and develop tailored solutions in our AirSon Air Labs.

Cleanroom solutions

Reducing unwanted airborne matter is often necessary to exploit exciting new markets. A cleverly designed cleanroom solution provides real competitive advantages, such as higher quality, lower waste and higher profit margins. It also enables the realization of entirely new products and production lines.

Isolators & microclimate applications

When protecting sensitive products, components, ingredients or people from air borne particles, microorganisms or aerosols, it is often critical to minimize the space in which you confine the related activities. Sensitive production lines requiring tightly controlled environments can cost fortunes to control, with high investment costs and even higher operational cost. Not to mention the environmental footprint that may follow.

Airson TLA

TLA, Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow, is one of AirSon’s platform technologies. It uses a specific way of introducing the treated air, taking advantage of gravity and creating clean controlled zones where they are needed.

Airson Airshower

The Airshower is a unique series of patented supply air terminals. They are designed for vertical displacement, supplying a thermally controlled air flow.

The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.