AirSon Engineering News 2023 Fantastic news for AirSon! Hi-Tech Manufacturing, MEP, Controlled Environment, Pharma & Med-tech | 11 September 2023

Fantastic news for AirSon!

The cleaner air at the new IVF clinic resulted in more pregnancies at RMC in Region Skåne.  

Last week brought fantastic news for AirSon! According to a report by SVT Nyheter, the newly designed IVF clinic at RMC in Region Skåne, which was constructed by AirSon, has yielded remarkable results. 

Since their relocation two years ago, the percentage of successful pregnancies from treatments has seen a significant boost, rising from 30-35% to an impressive 40-45%.

The key factor behind this success story lies in the implementation of cleaner air technology within the cleanrooms. AirSon's innovative approach included the installation of specialized activated carbon filters, effectively mitigating potential risks associated with hydrocarbons, such as those found in exhaust gases which pose an extra risk during IVF attempts. These filters, arranged in modular units for seamless maintenance, played a crucial role alongside HEPA filters in class H14, ensuring optimal air quality. Additionally, meticulous attention was given to achieving the right pressure balance and airflow between different cleanroom areas.

This achievement is a testament to AirSon's dedication to delivering excellence. Such positive feedback on a completed project, especially one with such profound impacts on healthcare, is truly the pinnacle of success. It's a moment that underscores the value we bring to every endeavor.

For those interested in more details, the full article by SVT Nyheter can be found at the following link: SVT Article

The Reproductive Medicine Center (RMC) stands as a beacon of expertise in reproductive health. Their comprehensive services encompass all facets of reproductive medicine, from investigating infertility to assessments for assisted reproduction. Moreover, they address hormonal imbalances in both men and women, providing vital hormonal treatments for gender correction. Kudos to AirSon and RMC for this commendable collaboration in advancing reproductive healthcare!

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