AirSon Engineering News 2021 AirSon builds new cleanroom for Aimpoint in Gällivare Case Stories, Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Controlled Environment | 26 August 2021

AirSon builds new cleanroom for Aimpoint in Gällivare

AirSon has had the pleasure of delivering a turnkey cleanroom to Aimpoint in Gällivare!

AirSon has delivered one of its northernmost cleanrooms to Aimpoint in Gällivare! This state-of-the-art and turnkey cleanroom is located in a brand new building on the outskirts of Gällivare and will be used for the assembly of optical sights. The cleanroom is equipped with continuous particle logging and variable flow control and meets the requirements of cleanroom class ISO 8 by a good margin.

The cleanroom is made up of a forging construction that holds up walls and ceilings made of sandwich panels. On top of the forging is the installation level with, among other things, ventilation units and central vacuum cleaners along with the respective duct systems.

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Aimpoint manufactures red-dot sights for hunting, military and police purposes. The sights are mounted in Aimpoint's new cleanroom to maintain the high quality and precision that the product requires.