AirSon Engineering News 2017 New clean room for Arlaplast AB Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Controlled Environment | 19 November 2017

New clean room for Arlaplast AB

AirSon delivers a turnkey clean room installation to Arlaplast in Borensberg. The installation consists of a 6 meter high clean room of 200 m². In an advanced ventilation system, the supply air provides both purity and cooling to the process of extruding polycarbonate discs. The clean room is designed and constructed according to the results of laboratory studies in a scaled down environment at Airson Laboratory (Ängelholm).

Arlaplast belongs to the leading suppliers of plastic sheet material in Europe and has been active in the industry for over 50 years. The new production line gives Arlaplast the opportunity to deliver discs of polycarbonate with optical quality.

Arla plast HQ building