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Cleanroom Solutions


Reduced exposure to unwanted airborne matter is often an important step in order to exploit the exciting new markets. A cleverly designed cleanroom solution provides real competitive advantages, such as higher quality, lower waste and higher profit margins. Most often you can enable the realization of entirely new products and production lines.

Being able to demonstrate a well-designed cleanroom conveys a real sensibility of high technology which clarifies the business ambition, which in turn assist its owners to win future tender. A cleanroom often becomes the production plant's crown jewel which is proudly displayed to costumers and stakeholders.


Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments become more important as optimization of products and processes increases and AirSon Engineering AB is a proud member of SiS (Swedish Institute for Standards) comittee for Cleanroom technology, which works to influence content and guidelines for future standards, both nationally and globally.

When you engage AirSon you’ll get access to a consultant firm and a cleanroom supplier with a long reference list, excellent credentials and a unique technology "Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow" (TLA). With our cleanroom installations follows: very high ventilation efficiency, calm airflows, comfortable climate, energy efficient design, low lifecycle costs and competitive rates.

We design various cleanroom solutions and offer everything from installations of clean zones over an exposed part of the process to large and turnkey cleanroom facilities. We are happy to help with pilot studies, investigations and evaluation of various problems in your process or and design solutions in one of our air laboratories.

AirSon air laboratories

AirSons air technological laboratories

At the headquarters in Ängelholm, AirSon Engineering has three air laboratories. In these we can help you develop cleanroom and ventilation solutions which/that are tailored to your process and operations. We can, among other things examine the effectiveness of different air management principles, temperature studies, particle measurements and by using smoke, we illustrate air movements in the room.


In these laboratories, the unique technology platform TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) and a number of unique applications for the technology were developed. Read more under Technology!

From start to finish

We design and customize a way of working according to your company's needs. We can assist with everything from minor investigations, project management, design and counselling services to turnkey contracts. What connects our working-process is our combined expertise in energy and building technology and controlled indoor climate.

We can help you in all phazes of the project, from initial investigations to inspection and validation. We are also helpful in the operation phase through various energy- digitization- and optimization projects. We help you customize the working-process to tailer your companys specific needs!

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Demanding applications & controlled microclimate

Does your business demand special requirements regarding indoor climate? Let us help you tailor a solution to meet your business needs. We at AirSon have a broad expertise in air handling, Aerosol and microclimate. With this broad knowledge base, we have worked with several large companies to develop and enhance/improve applications with controlled microclimate that meets a product or process specific requirements.


We also work with protective ventilation, where the working person is protected and isolated from a malicious process. We can help you with everything from large cleanroom solutions to small controlled microclimate, clean zones, incubators of various types and LAF and fume hood installations.

A controlled microclimate application

Validation of clean rooms

Validation Protocol
AirSon Cleanroom

AirSon qualifies and validates clean rooms in accordance with Swedish and international standards.

Controlled environments or clean rooms are used in various applications to protect sensitive business and processes from contamination by undesirable matter or living (or dead) organisms. The clean zones are created/designed by low generation of unwanted matter, effective barriers, effective cleanroom attire, effective cleaning/preservation and effective ventilation. Regular inspections are required to ensure the function of cleanroom zones. Not infrequently by regulatory requirements on qualification and periodic validation.

AirSon Engineering has a good reputation as a supplier of turnkey cleanroom with decades of cumulative experience in designing, building and validating cleanrooms. We also help customers to carry out inspection of existing cleanrooms and offer consultation with continuing routines for functional checks. In our work, we follow standards such as ISO 14644 and GMP Volume 4, annex 1. Examples of controls that we perform are:

  • Particle measurements

  • Control of airflows

  • Control of differential pressure and flow directions

  • Control of air circulation

  • Leakage testing of HEPA-filters

  • Control of safety cabinets and LAF-/UDF installations

  • Microbiological testing, in air and on surfaces

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