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By using traditional hi-impulse/mixing ventilation systems the ventilation efficiency can never reach higher than 1:1. By using AirSon’s platform technology; Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA) the ventilation efficiency can reach between 2:1 to infinity, making wonders for initial investment and long term energy costs.

Just like traditional displacement ventilation principles TLA make use of convection currents as ready-made means of carrying away heat and pollutants from where they are not wanted. TLA differ from traditional displacement ventilation by the way the air is introduced into the ventilated room or object to protect.

TLA makes use of special ceiling mounted air delivery devices (Airshowers) with an absolute minimal impulse, allowing gravity to pay the significant role in directing the airflow. By introducing air, slightly colder than ambient room air, it will possess a potential inner energy (higher density) to “fall” downwards to the lower colder portions of the room. Thereafter the undiluted supply air will move horizontally to feed the ascending convection airflows, which are evacuated at ceiling level closing the loop. Hence, TLA is able to take advantage of the natural air movements in a room instead of working against it.

In absence of natural convection currents the TLA principle is reversed and you have an equally effective means of ventilating a room or an exposed part of your process.

Another unique feature of the technology is its ability to create distinct zones of treated air. This has led to two major commercial offshoots within athma treatment and the management of surgical site infections.

Example of "TLA" applicated in an office environment

AirSon's air technological laboratories

At the headquarters in Ängelholm, AirSon Engineering has three air laboratories In these we can control the climate and air transfer in the room and thus carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade cleanroom- and ventilation solutions for your process and operation. We can, among other things examine the effectiveness of different air management principles, temperatures studies, particle measurements and using smoke, we illustrative air movement in the room.

AirSon has conducted much of their own research and development projects in the very same laboratories. We have among other things developed our unique technology platform TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) in the lab, and developed a number of unique applications for the technology.

Examples of applications


The Airshower is suitable for comfort cooling in offices, homes, and public buildings, as well as in premises with a need for a high ventilation efficiency in reducing the spread of infection or the like.


The technology also has the unique ability to create distinct zones of treated air, and application of this has led to great commercial ramifications. We are for example very proud to have invented and developed the first cost-effective and non-pharmaceutical treatment of asthma (see Airsonett AB). We are also proud to have invented and developed a completely new method of operation, ventilation and control of airborne infection (see Avidicare AB). Both applications use both the TLA-technology and Airshower.


AirSon Airshower

The Airshower is a unique series of patented supply air terminal designed for vertical displacement supplying a thermally controlled air flow. The devices provide with its short throw length and low degree of turbulence exceptionally high ventilation efficiency.

Airshower is based on AirSon’s unique platform technology TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow).

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