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Energy efficiency

All MEP services and process installations need energy. We are energy flow experts and we reduce and streamline energy demands to help you do more with less.

AirSon has a holistic approach to MEP design that includes energy-efficiency design as well as cost and OPEX reducing measures, both within new production and existing facilities.

This has been our focus for decades and the foundation for some of our core engineering principles:

Highest possible efficiency rate and a minimal ecological footprint
Based on proven technology and acknowledged standard solutions
Solutions developed in close co-operation and in accordance with the process needs
This way, we can help you improve the energy efficiency of your business, gain a deeper understanding of your systems, reduce your energy costs, improve and simplify operations and reduce your carbon footprint.

OPEX costs, sustainability and operational excellence

Few projects and areas combine lowering OPEX costs, increasing sustainability and achieving operational excellence into one common mission like when working with energy demand, distribution and supply.

AirSon’s energy methodology

Our way of working with energy usually follows the same pattern:

  1. The kWh’s you don’t use are the best kWh’s – Minimize and streamline energy demand
  2. Re-use your kWh’s! – Optimize and recover energy through the distribution systems
  3. Produce only what you need – Design your energy production to be as efficient as possible – after you have optimized demand and distribution
Energy optimization

Energy costs are often “hidden” among total costs. This is why energy-saving measures often require a lot of engineering time to develop. And why digitalization and monitoring of useful information is critical for long term efficiency and sustainability.

Local Energy Production

In our industry segments – Pharma & Medtech, Food & Beverage and Hi-tech – a steady supply of reliable energy is vital. This, together with the need for redundancy to secure up time and to meet often rapidly changing demands, calls for an intelligent and robust design of the energy supply system.

Distribution & Balancing

Distributing energy and balancing internal opportunities can really help reduce your energy usage and lower your environmental footprint.

AirSon’s global approach

Energy costs, energy mix and climate all differ hugely across the globe, meaning the correct energy-efficient application also differs.

We have projects in all regions of the world: APAC, EMEA and AMER. In other words, we are used to adapting our solutions and to design to meet different regulatory demands, while also taking into account the local climate, energy costs and the available energy mix.


Two People Working

Project management & Implementation

In our industry segments, pharma & med-tech, food & beverage and high-tech, MEP installations are in focus with complex systems, heavy equipment and large energy flows. This makes it natural for us to assume the position of project managers and help take care of the implementation.

Where others are rigid, we are flexible.

AirSon offers its services as engineers and advisors as well as designers and turnkey contractors. That way, we can deliver the best solution for your specific project.

After the project is finished, we very much like to stay on as advisors, to help optimize both the functionality and the energy efficiency of the installations and to ensure operational excellence.

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The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.