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Controlled production environment

Many processes put strict demands on the environment in which they are performed. From food and pharmaceutical production, microelectronics and battery production to hospitals and surgical theatres.

AirSon’s main focus is market segments and industries with high demands on close control of the environment, such as healthcare, food & beverage and hi-tech production. The demands span from cleanliness, particle levels, VOC, dryness and dewpoint to temperatures and comfort and many others. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, we know your challenges and can help you realise an efficient and functional controlled environment.

All shapes and sizes

The controlled production environment can span from full-scale industrial factories with controlled production halls to cleanroom solutions, microclimate applications and isolators. We can help you with all your controlled environment needs.

By employing AirSon’s own platform technology TLA, Temperature controlled laminar airflow, we can create distinct clean zones within an open area to minimize the contamination of a specific part of the process. TLA has also given rise to two impressive additional inventions and companies: one application for surgical theatres ( and one application for the medical treatment of severe Asthma (

Different applications – the same engineering toolbox

Whether we shield an exposed part of a production line, an open wound in a surgical theatre or protect people from a hazardous chemical, the engineering challenges are the same – preventing aerosols, particles and other contaminants from reaching the protected area. By putting our experience and know-how to work, we help you meet your demands.

Cleanroom solutions

Reducing unwanted airborne matter is often necessary to exploit exciting new markets. A cleverly designed cleanroom solution provides real competitive advantages, such as higher quality, lower waste and higher profit margins. It also enables the realization of entirely new products and production lines.

Dryroom solutions

In a dryroom, the controlled variable is humidity. Dry environments are crucial in industries such as lithium-Ion battery manufacturing, where the rooms often need to be maintained at a dewpoint
of -40°C or below.

Isolators & microclimate applications

When protecting sensitive products, components, ingredients or people from air borne particles, microorganisms or aerosols, it is often critical to minimize the space in which you confine the related activities. Sensitive production lines requiring tightly controlled environments can cost fortunes to control, with high investment costs and even higher operational cost. Not to mention the environmental footprint that may follow.

Where others are rigid, we are flexible.

AirSon offers its services as engineers and advisors as well as designers and turnkey contractors. That way, we can deliver the best solution for your specific project.

After the project is finished, we very much like to stay on as advisors, to help optimize both the functionality and the energy efficiency of the installations and to ensure operational excellence.

We are part of SIS

We promote energy-efficient solutions and design environments based on ISO 14644. We are an active member of the SIS-committee, taking initiative and collaborating on best practices that promote smart, competitive, sustainable solutions for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.

Visit Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS.

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The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.