AirSon Engineering - Company of the year 2018

September 11, 2019

We have been appointed Company of the year in Ängelholm 2018! We are very happy about the award and for the nice words by Ängelholms näringsliv!


The motivation for the award was:

"With new ideas and innovation, this year's winner has attracted talents from the leading university to Ängelholm, and at the same time made the whole world there working ground. The constant motivation to be in the absolute forefront of technological development has over the years led to an impressive number of new patents, products and technologies that have been well managed within the company in new companies. Many people, all over the world, have AirSon ́s exceptional innovation capacity to thank for a healthier indoor environment and a reduced climate impact."

We prepare for tomorrow and electrifies our parking lot

February 28, 2019

We are redoing our parking lot and at the same time prepares for tomorrow. We are installing intelligent charging stations for ten of our parking spaces. Partly to be able to charge our "AirSon"-cars and also to make it easier for our co-workers to get to work with minimal emissions from the road.


Together with the charging stations, we have installed an intelligent load control that can prioritize the charging of different vehicles and only let the available power from the property's fuse to charge the cars. This means that unnecessary power peaks are avoided and that a lower-sized fuse can be used.


And of course, we only charge our cars with renewable electricity.

AirSon main projector for new production line at McNeil in Helsingborg, Sweden

February 27, 2019

McNeil AB in Helsingborg will expand its production capacity to handle the increased demand for their nicotine tablet, Nicorette®. AirSon has been commissioned to lead and coordinate all construction engineering design as a total projector and to adapt existing facilities to new manufacturing of the product. Production, which is classified for GMP pharmaceutical production, places extensive demands on the installations and rooms regarding cleanliness, humidity and temperature.


McNeil AB in Helsingborg, Sweden, is one of the city's largest private employers with roughly 650 employees. The company specializes in manufacturing of self-prescription drugs, which means prescription-free products in pharmacies and grocery stores. Since 2006, the company is part of the American “Johnson & Johnson Group”, which is one of the world's largest health and pharmaceutical groups.

AirSon constructs new clean room for Nilar AB in Gävle, Sweden

February 24, 2019

AirSon delivers a turnkey clean room to Nilar AB in Gävle. The new clean room will be part of the company's production for battery solutions and their process sets high demands for cleanliness, temperature and humidity. To achieve the required indoor climate with a maximum energy-efficient design, AirSon's platform technology, temperature controlled laminar air flow (TLA) is utilized. The clean room will cover a area of roughly 570 m² and the clean room is planned to be completed in the spring of 2019.


Nilar AB develops and manufactures powerful and advanced NiMH-battery storage solutions, from battery source to functional system. The batteries are mainly delivered to energy suppliers and property owners and Nilar’s technology develops the "smart grid" concept and contributes to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Dan Kristensson invited as speaker at Tema Renrum in Stockholm, Sweden

December 05, 2018

During Tuesday through Wednesday the 27th to 28th of November, the conference “Tema Renrum” was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Tema Renrum is the Nordic region's leading conference for cleanroom technology and is organized by the organization Rentforum. AirSon Engineering was one of the exhibitors and Dan Kristensson, CEO, was one of the lecturers during the conference.

Dan talked about the importance of energy efficiency and digitization in installation-intense industries, and in particular in relation to energy-intensive cleanroom installations. These facilities high demands for cleanliness, airflow, temperature and humidity usually leads to very high (often unnecessarily) energy consumption.

Effective digitization and continuous energy efficiency work can provide unmatched added value in this type of facilities. Digitization is a tool that can be used to create order, reduce risks and inform management, which in turn leads to well-informed decisions and investments. AirSon works actively with digitization in numerous industries and buildings  in relation to energy efficiency and value creation in a knowledge-driven management

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AirSon Engineering AB strengthens its organization with three new co-workers

September 24, 2018

AirSon Engineering has strengthened its organization during 2018 with three new co-workers. Two specialists in HVAC engineering and energy technology, Mathilda Bengtsson and Johanna Johansson, as well as a financial manager, Niklas Lundgren. All three will work at the company headquarters in Ängelholm.

Mathilda Bengtsson is a newly graduated Master of Science of infrastructure with focus on energy and installations in buildings at Lunds University. Mathilda will primarily work with HVAC design, assisting in the company’s various consulting and contracting projects.


Johanna Johansson, fellow student with Mathilda, is also a newly graduated Master of Science of infrastructure with focus on energy and installations in buildings at Lunds University. Johanna will primarily work with Energy solutions and energy calculation, assisting in the company’s various energy efficiency projects.


Both Mathilda and Johanna first came in contact with AirSon during 2017 when they wrote their master thesis under the company’s wings. The thesis covered an innovative technology for energy efficiency by utilizing different buildings energy signatures in a local area. This by using low temperature heat transfer as well as heat pumps for refining the low temperature heat energy. They were employed during the spring of 2018 and has since then demonstrated a broad theoretical competence and has assumed the responsibilities of assistant designer and energy advisor very well.


Niklas Lundgren is an educated economist at Lunds University and joined AirSon in September 2018. Niklas has years of experience with business financials and comes most recently from "Automations Partner i Helsingborg AB”, where he worked as the financial manager. Before that he worked as an accountant at Ernst & Young. Niklas will fill the position as CFO at AirSon and initially develop and streamline the company’s financial management, mostly through acquisition and implementation of a brand-new business system.


”These recruitments are perfectly in line with our focus on high tech engineering and enables a continued national and international expansion for AirSon. The last few years has led to a very positive development for AirSon Engineering, bringing many new and prestigious projects. The strengthening of the financial side of the company is at this point necessary for future endeavours and continued growth. We are very pleased that Mathilda, Johanna and Niklas have chosen to come work with us” says Dan Kristensson, MD.

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