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Navigate stringent regulatory demands while futureproofing reliable and efficient operations.

In the pharma sector, there are always strict regulatory demands to take into account. And it can often be difficult to translate the formal regulatory requirements into what they really mean in practice.

For example, what effects do the regulations have on the design principles used for your cleanroom or energy-recovery system? Coming from a background of research and development, our know-how in the field of air handling and streamlining energy usage within highly controlled production environments, is unsurpassed.

Another challenge when planning for a controlled production environment is how to pick the best components for each part of the installation. As an independent contractor, with no formal ties to any producer of parts for controlled environments or energy efficiency, we can help you choose the optimal solution, both from a performance and cost perspective.

Many large international pharmaceutical companies rely on AirSon’s know-how in the field of clean rooms, and so can you!

We make reliable, efficient pharma and med-tech facilities come to life.

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Medical technology is a wide definition and includes a lot of different products, services and solutions. It involves all the instruments, apparatus, medical devices, software, appliances and implants used in the industry. Most of these products needs to be produced in a controlled environment in order to meet the very high quality requirements set by the authorities. AirSon is used to helping our customers navigate a world of difficult and varying regulations.


It is in the pharmaceutical industry where new drugs are discovered, developed and produced. Naturally, the requirements on the controlled indoor climate are the most stringent of all. Safety and quality of the medical drug is of course top of mind for the entire industry and this permeates all upstream and downstream process steps. All the pipes, apparatus, instruments, filters, containers, air, solvents, etc. that are in contact with the drug needs to meet the highest standards. AirSon has decades of experience from working with many of the global pharmaceutical companies.

R&D facilities

R&D facilities vary a lot in terms of design as well as in demands. It is crucial to have the best speaking partner when deciding on the level of cleanliness required for your specific process. AirSon can be the speaking partner you need.


It is difficult, nowadays, to realize a world without bio-tech as it is all around us. Cellular and biomolecular processes help us develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. Many of our everyday foodstuffs are based on a bio technology invention, no matter if we talk about bread, dairy products or beer – it all comes from a bio technology process. Turn to AirSon if you would like to know how your utility processes work in your specific bio technology process.


Naturally, the indoor environment in a hospital is critical for its operation. Where there are open wounds, there is a risk for infection. This risk needs to be minimized, more or less at all costs. This is why it is super critical to have control of the indoor environment and how the air behaves in a room, for instance in an operating theatre. AirSon’s vast experience from laminar air flows puts us in a position to fully understand and support our clients.

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The Air Lab

We carry out investigations and tests to help you develop tailormade applications for solutions to fit your process and company’s needs.