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AirSon Engineering has decades of experience within new construction projects and the energy usage of building installations. We use our expertise and knowledge, and transfer these to the existing buildings. In this way, we can help you to make your business more energyefficiant, gain a deeper understanding of your systems, reduce your energy cost, improve and simplify operations and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Calculations

Heat losses from house

How much energy does your facility use or how energyefficiant will your new building be?


Let us help you with the energy calculations. We simulate how the environment affects your property and help you solve any problem areas already at a planning stage. We can also help you to certify your building under most environmental and energy standards. Among other things, we work with energy calculation software IDA ICE.

Energy Audits

AirSon report

An energy audit identifies the property’s energy use, its installations and building envelope which in turn is analysed in its entirety. Energy saving measures are identified and calculated.


The energy audit is presented in a report together with a plan for future energy investments with focus on economics and cost effective proposals for action. We can successfully help you to implement interesting measures. 

Energy Advising

Solar Power on roof

We tailor an energy saving project that fits your needs. This may involve a comprehensive approach to energy intensive property or process or a survey and energy calculation of a single measure.


We help you to make the right decision economically, environmentally and in regards to energy usage!

Energysaving, the EU and Swedish politics

The European Union and the Swedish government has set a target to reduce the energy intensity in the country by 20 % until 2020. To achieve this goal, the Swedish government has decided to facilitate and promote the work on energy efficiency. For instance:

  • The Law for energy audits for large companies

  • "Klimatklivet", Naturvårdsverket's grants to local climate investments

  • All new construction must be "Near-zero energy buildings" from 2021 

  • Grants for energy audits in small and medium enterprises

AirSon's news in energy


Dan Kristensson invited as speaker at the 2018 Digital Industry Summit in Paris

October 31, 2018

On October 16th, the 2018 Digital Industry Summit took place in Paris. Dan Kristensson was invited as one of the speakers at the event.


The conference addressed the opportunities and challenges of the digitalization process in the industry. Dan was invited as speaker at the conference as a result of AirSon's excellent digitization work at several well-known companies, which have resulted in major energy savings and numerous added value for said companies.


AirSon works actively with digitization in numerous industries and buildings in relation to energy efficiency and value creation in a knowledge-driven management. Digitization is a tool that can be used to create order, reduce risks and inform management, which in turn leads to well-informed decisions and investments. This is considered to be one of the pillars of efficient and continuous energy efficiency work and can provide unmatched added value in industry.

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