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HVAC Design


AirSon designs and builds integrated HVAC, Cooling and Air installations for the industry. Our projects focus on installation-intensive systems with high demands, low energy consumption and tight tolerances, on e.g. temperature, cleanliness, energy, moisture or particle levels.


We have designed a large number of injection moulding factories throughout the years, both within and outside Sweden's borders. Probably more than any other Swedish engineering company! 35 years of careful monitoring of different designs and different types of injection moulding machines have provided us with a unique and comprehensive database designs and energy consumption for heating, cooling and ventilation. With our background, we are able to design and build truly energy-efficient, effective and comfortable production plants.


By hiring AirSon you get access to an engineering company that designs, constructs, manage and installs efficient, integrated and turnkey HVAC installations for cooling, heating and heat recovery, sanitation, ventilation and your process. You get access to an experienced partner in your building process, with a great knowledge about your industry and your process. AirSon has an impressive list of references and a good reputation in the industry.

AirSon designs installations for




Compressed Air

Water / Sanitation

Gas / Steam

From start to finish

We design and customize a way of working according to your company's needs. We can assist with everything from minor investigations, project management, design and counselling services to turnkey contracts. What connects our working-process is our combined expertise in energy and building technology and controlled indoor climate.

We can help you in all phazes of the project, from initial investigations to inspection and validation. We are also helpful in the operation phase through various energy- digitization- and optimization projects. We help you customize the working-process to tailer your companys specific needs!

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Injection molding industry

AirSon Engineering has over 30 years of experience of projects in the injection moulding industry. In this very heat-intensive type of industry AirSon’s patented technology (TLA) is very suitable. With AirSon’s extensive list of references and expertise in cooling and air treatment, we are able to effectively help you with your installations.

Since we been working closely with projects in the injection moulding industry for so long, we at AirSon has developed a unique calculation model for cooling and low energy usage in the injection moulding halls. In this calculation model, we use our patented TLA technology and this way we can offer a good indoor climate at a fraction of the energy usage of a conventional ventilation principle.

Injection moulding machine

Our expertise is most suitable for

AirSon have a long reference list with many advanced and complex projects. Our expertise is especially suitable in installation-intensive projects with high demands and tight tolerances.

High demands and

tight tolerances

AirSon drawing

AirSon Engineering focuses especially on projects where the high demands and tight tolerances. It can be industries, processes, research facilities or real-estate that require precision controlled indoor environment, for example with high demands on temperature, humidity, sound, particle levels or different types of pollution.


In our air laboratories, we can perform studies on specific projects to help you solve the problems of advanced processes.

Installation-intensive Projects


Our definition of installation-intensive projects are real estate, industries and research facilities where the installations for cooling, heating, ventilation, etc. are numerous, advanced and the energy consumption are high. It might be projects where the installations need intelligent control and operation to achieve the desired results.


Installation-intensive facilities can be all kinds of manufacturing industries but also properties with high comfort requirements, or an advanced process. We see the big picture and can help you by delivering turnkey solutions that fit your company’s needs.

Protective Ventilation

Protective installations boats

AirSon has been involved with research, development, consultancy and turnkey installations within the field of protective ventilation since the company was founded in 1981.

In the mid-90s AirSon were involved in several projects within the Swedish and foreign ship industry.


The projects were reviewed by the “Swedish Work Environment Institute” which concluded that it was commercially possible to limit the value for styrene in these environments with 50 %. The halving was made possible through the innovative technology of Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA), which resulted in very low exposure with cost-effective installations.

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