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35 yrs

About AirSon


AirSon is a privately held research based group of companies joint by ownership and a unique platform technology - TLA - pioneering the field of environmental control. Within this group AirSon Engineering AB specializes on HVAC design, energy efficiancy and Clean room solutions.

The company was founded by Jan Kristensson in 1981 and celebrated its 35 year anniversary last year. Since inception, AirSon’s main business has been HVAC design for primarily industrial customers. The last two decades focusing on more advanced design in specific Hi-Tech segments such as microelectronics, medical, injection molding and the food industry providing anything from design to turnkey HVAC and Clean room solutions. Nurturing a creative engineering culture in the forefront of technology development and extensive networks in the academic world the company has become a plant school for bright engineers. Over the years it has resulted in an impressive numbers of innovative patent applications, new products and company spin offs.

The company is headquartered in the city of Ängelholm situated in the southern parts of Sweden and take on projects all over the world.

Our expertise:

From start to finish

We design and customize a way of working according to your company's needs. We can assist with everything from minor investigations, project management, design and counselling services to turnkey contracts. What connects our working-process is our combined expertise in energy and building technology and controlled indoor climate.

We can help you in all phazes of the project, from initial investigations to inspection and validation. We are also helpful in the operation phase through various energy- digitization- and optimization projects. We help you customize the working-process to tailer your companys specific needs!

National och International

AirSon Engineering's headquaters is located in Ängelholm in southern Sweden, but our projects ranges worldwide. Nationally, our projects range from southern to northern Sweden. Internationally, we mainly follow our customers and Swedish-based companies into the international arena and acts as advisors, designers, project managers or entrepreneurs.

We at AirSon Engineering have extensive experience of projects in many different countries, in many different parts of the world and we gladly welcome your international projects!

Our expertise

AirSon Engineering is an engineering company that works as consultants and contractors in energy and building technology and controlled indoor climate. Our focus is on installation-intensive projects with high demands and tight tolerances.

We are especially suited for the slightly more difficult projects with extensive installations, high energy flows and tight tolerances. Our customers are mainly found in the industry sector and especially in; medicine & pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, research, food industry and their respective subcontractors.



Medicine & Pharma

Food Industry

Injection moulding etc.

AirSon's history - Timeline


Come visit us at our headquarters in Ängelholm!

International customers can get here easily via Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, and then the coastal train to Gothenburg.

Domestic customers can choose between car (E6), train (West Coast Line) and air (Ängelholm Airport).


Airson Engineering AB

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